• From Theory to Practice: Formative Assessment as a Daily Routine in the Classroom, CTE Alternate Route Capstone Conference, 2014
    • Learning about formative assessment is all well and good, but when it comes to implementing it in your classroom, things can get a bit tricky. This hands-on session will focus on quick and easy techniques to make formative assessment part of your daily teaching practice. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of what formative assessment is and how to develop teaching habits that lead to continual formative assessment. Additionally, participants will learn how to make instructional decisions in response to data gathered from formative assessment.
  • Occupying the Space Beyond the Classroom, New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) Annual Convention, 2013
    • This session highlights ways to use web tools for a culture of literacy that engages students beyond the classroom. Topics include class Facebook pages and online discussions, clubs, and contests.
  • Learning to Read While Reading to Learn, CTE Alternate Route Capstone Conference, 2013, 
    • This session will emphasize the importance of content area literacy (specifically textbook reading). Because each subject (and perhaps each individual text) requires a different set of reading strategies, teachers must have an arsenal of techniques at their disposal. Participants will learn a variety of strategies to assist students faced with challenging nonfiction texts. Strategies will focus on identifying/understanding text structure, making connections, and active reading. All strategies presented in the session will be aligned to Common Core literacy standards. Additionally, participants will leave with a list of resources to help them learn more about content area literacy on their own.

  • Occupying the Space Beyond the Classroom, New Jersey Council for Teachers of English Annual Convention, 2012
    • Occupying the Space Beyond the Classroom will highlight the ways in which teachers can use free web 2.0 tools to authentically engage students and create a culture of literacy in and out of the classroom. In this fast-paced session designed for tech- and media-savvy teachers, participants will learn a variety of methods that help motivate student reading, writing, discussion, collaboration, and creativity. Topics will include running a class Facebook page, conducting online discussions, and planning multi-school book clubs and writing contests.

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