La Romería de la Virgen de los Ángeles

Hola! It's been forever!! Looking back at last year, I realized that I've used this blog more for teaching conferences than for travel stuff! One of my goals this year is to get back on track with writing more posts. And since I did something new today, I figure I may as well write one … Continue reading La Romería de la Virgen de los Ángeles


#TriConf17: Day 5 Keynote

Link to the archive of social media learning by Tri-Association Keynote: Douglas Fisher Study skills that work First, don't make study skills a separate class! repeated reading When students read the material more than once, learning improves. They won't do it automatically on a test like the SAT unless they are practicing it all year … Continue reading #TriConf17: Day 5 Keynote

#TriCon17 Preconference: Projects, Capstones, Quests

Session description here. Day 1 We started the session by talking about 16 Habits of Mind and reflecting a bit on ourselves and our students as learners. Purpose and Pedagogy  When thinking about pedagogy, think of these three clusters: Antiquated: What to cut? Classical: What to keep? (It's not old; it's timeless!) Contemporary: What to … Continue reading #TriCon17 Preconference: Projects, Capstones, Quests