#TriConf17: Day 5 Keynote

Link to the archive of social media learning by Tri-Association Keynote: Douglas Fisher Study skills that work First, don't make study skills a separate class! repeated reading When students read the material more than once, learning improves. They won't do it automatically on a test like the SAT unless they are practicing it all year … Continue reading #TriConf17: Day 5 Keynote


#TriCon17 Preconference: Projects, Capstones, Quests

Session description here. Day 1 We started the session by talking about 16 Habits of Mind and reflecting a bit on ourselves and our students as learners. Purpose and Pedagogy  When thinking about pedagogy, think of these three clusters: Antiquated: What to cut? Classical: What to keep? (It's not old; it's timeless!) Contemporary: What to … Continue reading #TriCon17 Preconference: Projects, Capstones, Quests