Clase de comida de Guate 

Hola! I need to write about my cooking class for homework tonight, so I am going to attempt another bilingual blog! We'll see how this goes! Corrections are always welcome! Hola! Necesito escribir una composición sobre mi clase de cocina esta noche. Entonces voy a tratar de escribir otro blog post bilingüe. Vamos a ver … Continue reading Clase de comida de Guate 


Guat a Week! (Pun Intended)

Greetings from la Antigua, Guatemala!  I am writing this from my Spanish school, Ixchel Spanish School. We've only been here a few days, but it's been fun!  Our mornings are filled with Spanish class, which is mostly conversation and then some review of past concepts. I am hoping that we move forward to some more … Continue reading Guat a Week! (Pun Intended)