Teaching Artifacts

Debate Chat 2016

This is a short screencast of a Twitter chat that I organized among my students in Costa Rica and a couple of schools in New Jersey. Students were required to watch at least thirty minutes of the third US Presidential Debate and analyze the language and rhetoric from the candidates. I have been organizing student Twitter chats for four years, and they have always been a huge success.

#WordAMinute Videos

I have created approximately 40 of these “word-a-minute” videos to help me flip vocabulary instruction and give students a quick and easy way to review for exams. I tried to address a number of learning strategies in each video, such as color coding and providing images for visual learners, narrating the videos for auditory learners, and providing mnemonic devices to help students connect to the meaning/word roots.

Here are two examples, although there are many more!

IB Assessment Tutorials

I like to make explanatory videos that my students can use when completing their IB assessments. Here is one that I made to help them learn how to annotate texts as they prepared for their commentaries.

Technology Tutorials

Whenever I get a common question about how to do something with technology, I take a few minutes and throw together a tutorial that I can send out to teachers and/or students. This is an example of one I made a few years ago during our first year of going Google in our district.