Back-to-school goals 2013

I seriously cannot believe I go back to school tomorrow; how did this happen? I don’t know why I’m surprised, considering that summer flies by way too quickly every year. This year I am looking forward to a fresh start, especially after dealing with Superstorm Sandy last year. Although I was fortunate to not have any significant damage in my home, I feel like the whole year was just “off” ever since the storm. By April or May, I found myself desperate for a reset, and I’m excited to get that tomorrow. 

I didn’t write out my goals last year, and I missed doing so, so it looks like it’s time to do it now! This year, I would like to:

  • focus on my physical wellness. Don’t let the busyness of school and moving put exercise, eating right, and getting sleep on the back burner. If I don’t take care of myself physically, I won’t be with it mentally and emotionally. 
  • be diligent about the little things. Taking attendance, updating lesson plans, stuff like that. Don’t whine…just do it! 
  • grade more efficiently. They don’t need a bajillion comments, especially when they’re redundant. Find ways to maximize efficiency while still being kind, honest, and helpful. 
  • go to bed at a normal hour! I know this one is basically a repeat of bullet 1, but it warrants its own mention. Michelle, just put the phone down and go to bed! And that doesn’t mean you should pick up the iPad either!
  • stay positive. Attitude is contagious. Make the kids catch smiles, not frowns. 
  • curb the sarcasm. With the freshmen, anyway. The juniors can handle it.
  • say no. Your plate is full. Put no more on it.
  • blog regularly! This one is twofold. Keep the homework blog updated (I’m pretty good at this already). More importantly, build this professional blog like you’ve been wanting to do. It’s ok to change the URL early on if I finally find my schtick. 
  • keep making vocab videos. The word-a-minute idea is a good one; keep it up!
  • focus on the froshies. Last year the juniors got the bulk of your attention; it’s time to make the frosh curriculum awesome, too! 
  • but don’t forget the juniors! Don’t let that mean you can ignore the juniors. Find the right balance. 
  • find perspective. I love my job and teach in teacher heaven. Don’t forget it. Remember, #TIL 

I feel like every time I write my goals, they’re practically the same as they’ve always been. Well, at least I’m consistent! Here’s to a great year!

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