Beaches, eggs, all-nighters, and being tired

Well, I think I am giving up on the notion that I’ll ever be able to completely catch my blog up; it has surely been quite the week!

Let’s see…I last posted a week ago, right after visiting Valldemossa and La Granja. Honestly it feels like a year ago!

Sunday was a good day; it was the last day I had to spend time with my parents, so we went to a nearby beach called Illetes for breakfast. By the time we found a restaurant, it was 11:30, but even though desayuno should have ended at 11, the waiter let me order eggs benedict. I’m quite happy about that because the eggs were amazing. The beach was beautiful, too; as seems to always be the case here in Mallorca, the water was crystal clear and all different shades of blue. I really can’t believe how gorgeous it is here, and I’m so excited that I get to come back next year! Honestly I could come back every summer for the rest of my life!

Here are a couple of photos from the day:


Once we got home from Illetes, I went to the computer lab at school to do some work; I had a presentation due Monday and paper due Tuesday. I’ll tell you what- I have a newfound appreciation for my students at Biotech. I have only been in the middle of this intense workload for two weeks, and I’m exhausted. I don’t know how they do it! Props to you, Biotech! I’m not complaining, though. I really love the classes and all I’m learning. Now I understand why I’m getting three graduate credits per eight-day class. It’s definitely a full semester packed into a week! Crazy.

Monday is pretty much a blur; I had class (my preso went well, thanks for asking), I went to lunch with some friends from school (Cyranos for empanadas again) and then came home to work on my paper. The only issue was that I was exhausted, so I ended up napping first. I finally started working on the paper at 9 or so, and I pulled an all-nighter to get it done. This really is turning into the true college experience! The paper was really challenging, but in the end, I enjoyed writing it and was proud of my work. Here are some photos from the process:


As you can imagine, Tuesday was pretty uneventful after my all-nighter on Monday. We had a class lunch after our last class (tapas, of course. Photo below), and then I came back to my place with a friend (we had planned to go to the beach). We passed out on the couches for a couple hours, and when she left, I just putzed around and got down time. Even though that class was over, I still had reading due for the start of the next one!

Here are our tapas:


Anyway, I want to write more. but I am practically passing out. Looks like this post is getting split into two! I’ll write more tomorrow, hopefully, because I am excited to post about Cala Figuera and Cala Mandrago…amazing trip, during which I jumped off a cliff. Don’t worry, though. It was a rather snall cliff. Here’s a sneak peak to whet your appetite:


Ok, good night for now!

2 thoughts on “Beaches, eggs, all-nighters, and being tired

  1. I’m missing you but I’m so glad you’re having such a great experience! It looks so beautiful there!! Can’t wait to see all your pics!

  2. As always I love your posts and it makes me feel like I am there with you!! I love the pictures of the beach and your parents… I showed Sean and he said “I love her patents…they are so nice…tell her I said ‘what’s up with her dad…suns out…guns out” lol. Nice. Miss you. Xoxox

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