A boring post

Happy Saturday! I don’t think I have too much to report, but I’m having a bit of a lazy day, so I figured I may as well write a short blog. I’m currently watching So You Think You Can Dance, and for some reason, the commercials don’t stream well, so I have to wait like 10 minutes between each segment for the commercials to finish. I have already taken care of my bills online, read some edu articles, and taken care of some other errands online, so here I am blogging!

The past couple of days have been fun. I’ve been loving my new kids so far; they are still funny, kind, and hardworking, so that’s exciting. They’ve already started turning in their first couple of assignments, so it’s been fun getting to know them through their writing as well.

I never ended up watching Netflix Wednesday night, but I did make some pesto and salad, which was exciting. I’m still trying to cut back on restaurant food, so it felt good to cook on my tiny little stove and with my tiny little food processor. It came out quite yummy, if I do say so myself, and it made enough for two days of leftovers.

The rest of the week was somewhat uneventful, other than zumba on Friday! I was so excited because I haven’t been good about exercising since I’ve arrived here, and I’ve been wanting to do something to get those endorphins going. Tracey and I walked down to the community center last night because we knew there was a free zumba class on Friday nights. The class was super fun, and it was similar enough to zumba at home that I was able to keep up. There was a break in the middle of the class, and the instructor came over to introduce herself (she must have been wondering what these two gringas were doing there!). She explained that her English wasn’t very good (although I thought she spoke quite well), so I told her (in Spanish) that she could speak in Spanish as long as she spoke slowly. Her name is Lis (not sure of spelling), and she was really nice. I told her I’d be living here for two years, and she welcomed us to the class. I love how friendly everyone is here!

The class was a great workout and totally what I needed mentally. It put me in such a good mood. When we got home, there were a bunch of people hanging out at the compound, so after a little down time, I went upstairs and hung out with them. We had a mini dance party on the balcony, and I went to bed around midnight. It was a great night.

As I said, today I’m being lazy for a while. After this episode of SYTYCD, I am planning on heading up to Starbucks to do a little work. As usual, I seem to struggle with concentrating while at home, so going elsewhere will hopefully help me concentrate. I am going to a party later tonight, and I don’t have much going on for tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get some work done then as well. Anyway, I’ll end this lame-o post here. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, PS- I start Spanish lessons this coming week! I placed into the intermediate class, so we shall see how that goes! I’ll try to write a post about it!

This is pretty much the only photo I took in the past couple of days. I used these limes and oranges to make salad dressing, and it was quite tasty indeed!

This is pretty much the only photo I took in the past couple of days. I used these limes and oranges to make salad dressing, and it was quite tasty indeed!

One thought on “A boring post

  1. So glad you are finding a nice balance and loving the students (could we do otherwise?)~Be well, relaxing (not being lazy) is wonderful in any country, it permits you to use an unfiltered eye to observe. #nofilter ❤

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