#ISTE18 Session: Coaching Trumps PD

Monday, June 15 - Coaching Trumps PD Presented by Katherine Goyette and Adam Juarez Session Slides (all citations from info below are in the slides) **Note: I don't proofread live blogs due to the intensity of these conferences. So, apologies in advance for typos or ramblings!! Just trying to capture the learning here, people! The … Continue reading #ISTE18 Session: Coaching Trumps PD


Yoga/hike at Volcán Barva

Hola! As usual, it's been a while! But today I did something a little different, so I figured I'd whip up a quick post and put up a few pics. Hola como normal, hace mucho tiempo desde mi último post! Pero hoy hice algo diferente, entonces decidí escribir un postito y subir algunas fotos.  So … Continue reading Yoga/hike at Volcán Barva

#TriConf17 Day 5: Creating a Professional Development Hub (Silvia Tolisano)

Session Description here. Note: many of my sentences in this blog come directly from Silvia's mouth...so let's just give a blanket citation to her! Links:  Silvia's page AASSA blog (it's crowdsourced from schools/teachers all over the world) Graded T&L blog Cool site to use to make infographics Notes: Unigogy: the study of self-directed and self-determined … Continue reading #TriConf17 Day 5: Creating a Professional Development Hub (Silvia Tolisano)

#TriConf17 Day 3

Keynote (Michael Fullan) Description here Various links: GPS approach to grading 21st century skills: the 6 Cs Michael Fullan's web site Ontario's report card templates "Deeper Learning: 10 Ways You Can Die" Updating Curriculum and Assessment (Heidi Hayes Jacobs) Links: Presentation slideshow Global Partnership hub (tons of great resources re: global challenges/partnerships) Bold Moves for … Continue reading #TriConf17 Day 3

#TriCon17 Preconference: Projects, Capstones, Quests

Session description here. Day 1 We started the session by talking about 16 Habits of Mind and reflecting a bit on ourselves and our students as learners. Purpose and Pedagogy  When thinking about pedagogy, think of these three clusters: Antiquated: What to cut? Classical: What to keep? (It's not old; it's timeless!) Contemporary: What to … Continue reading #TriCon17 Preconference: Projects, Capstones, Quests